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Name: Collapsed / Purple and Grey
Author: Cesy
Layout ID: Style / Source / Preview

It's the one I'm currently using, anyway, and I think it's fairly different from some of the other public ones, particularly with the collapsed reading page.

Can anyone help me turn it into something that can go into Bugzilla, please?
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Once again we get to the point in time where I really cannot make preview images.

So, here's my post with a plea for someone to pretty please make preview images for the four themes I just patched (dreamscapes http://dreamscapes.dreamwidth.org/33625.html and bug http://bugs.dwscoalition.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2970).

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So, I'm starting to patch some of my themes, but I can't do the previews (as my computer isn't set up to do them or graphics stuff at all. I'm also just no good at the pure graphics stuff, but that's a story for another day/time).

So I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing the previews for them and such.

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I have a Flickr set available for anyone who wants to make use of the images as either color inspiration, or to use the textures, or whatever.

Choose Textures-Color, after you click on the image below. I'm having trouble getting a proper link to the set.

I have it set to a Creative Commons Attribution license, but really, I'm not picky. That is the only set that can be used.

example under cut )
Have a nice day.
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Please note: I ask because I am not much of an artist myself! I don't have the photoshop skills to translate most photos into a good header image. If anyone does, that's perfect, but I can't do much myself with "raw" photos.


This is a call to all artists! There is a new layout in the works which is optimized for header images (minimal other visuals and it can take two header images via the wizard). Alas, there are few really good banner type images available on the stock sites under suitable licenses.

In particular, I was hoping to get some skylines from various cities (like the set of Expressive skyline themes). Would anybody like to contribute some? Or, for that matter, any other header image?

The images must be licensed such that Dreamwidth can use and redistribute them. This is a liquid layout, so they should also be something that either repeats gracefully or, as in the case of skylines, ends gracefully, perhaps layered over a simple repeating background. See a repeating sample and a non-repeating, layered sample.

ETA: Additional specifications: I wouldn't want to go much over 300px in height. The journal/page titles should be taken into account. While there doesn't necessarily have to be completely open space for them, it does need a space in which a single text color would be readable over whatever the background texture is.
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I figure there might be others like me out there who have artistic skills but limited coding know-how, or vice-versa; at [personal profile] afuna's suggestion, I thought I'd start a thread here to help folks find somebody to partner with for the creation of Dreamwidth themes.

I have a few designs done already and just need someone who can code them. If anyone's up for it, please comment or send me a PM. If anyone else out there is looking for a designer or a coder to partner with, please also post a comment and hopefully we'll be able to hook some folks up. w00t!


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