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Theme name/layout: Purple Squiggle/Sunday Morning
Author: [personal profile] alyndra
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Preview Image info: (Same as other Sunday Morning Squiggle layouts)

This is the first time I've ever done a theme, and I was hoping for some feedback. I like color a lot: I tried to strike a balance between that and still being readable and not a Myspace-esque eyesore. Let me know how well I succeeded, and if this might be worth submitting?

I also did some color contrast checking as advised here, and all was okay except for this:

If links aren't underlined, "the accessibility guidelines state that the contrast ratio between the link color and the surrounding text should be at least 3:1."

I couldn't seem to get that without getting very dark, which would make it hard to read against the background. Just looking at it seems to me it should be different enough, at least the teal main link color vs. the main text, but any advice?

ETA: Okay, I made a couple more tweaks and am ready to submit, I emailed the CLA in a little bit ago, so it should be all good to go! (If I need to make a new post, I can do that . . .)


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