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Okay, this is not a theme submission post but fey said I can post it here.

I am offering bribery for people to patch themes. The wiki has a very good guide on patching themes here: http://wiki.dwscoalition.org/wiki/index.php/Newbie_Guide:_How_to_Patch_Styles_and_Themes

This bribery is coming in the form of handspun yarn.

At the moment I know that there is a certainty of one bribe available, a handspun kid mohair yarn that can be plied with either a white merino thread, a light brown alpaca, or a very pretty darker brown wool that I'm not sure what kind it is. This is a picture of the kid mohair: http://rabbit.dereferenced.org/~rowan/mohair.jpg.

I also have some more alpaca, merino, blue faced leicester, and various other fibers that I am willing to offer as bribery. Yardage will likely vary in the range of 100 to 200 yards per fiber.

I'll also keep this post updated with when the bribe is claimed (and it can be claimed in advance if someone wholly intends to fulfill the bribe terms and all).

[personal profile] momijizukamori is getting lovely alpaca yarn. The kid mohair bribe is still up for grabs. :)

In order to claim the bribe! http://dreamscapes.dreamwidth.org/tag/-unclaimed has a whooooole bunch of themes. Some of them are mine, some of them are done by other people. I'd like to see, each time, at least ten of my themes patched, and at least ten of someone else(s) (because yes, this is a selfish thing because I'd like to see mine patched, but not entirely a selfish thing). I am aware that this is A Lot Of Work, but hey.

Also I'm currently without internet on the weekends but will get back to people as soon as I can. :)

Edit July 2013: At the moment there aren't many unclaimed themes. This bounty, however, should be considered a continuing bounty and the best way to discuss collection is to message me.
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Given that we now have a bunch of themes that use images as a central focus element (notably Bannering, Heads Up, Abstractia, and Colorside), and more on the way (Motion and Paper Me, which I'm hoping to have committed by the next push), I thought it would be good to round up a nice big collection of image and other layout resources for people to use!

Fonts )

Notes on licensing )

Images and Vectors )

Background Patterns )
Transparent Textures (Attribution)

Icons )

Anyone have any more? Feel free to list them in the comments!
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I made an entry over at [site community profile] dw_dev, but I figured it was worth linking here, too - two handy scripts and workflow tips (and some custom-highlighting for gedit users editing .s2 files) for making patching S2 color themes easier. This automates a lot of the more tedious steps, to make it faster!
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So there are lots of nice pre-defined variables in core2 for us to use in coding themes, but you kind of have to dig into the core2 code (or see what other people have done) to find what's available. I figured I'd pull out the font and color ones (which I think are what come up the most for just-CSS styling) so they'd be a little more accessible.

Keep in mind that if there isn't a specific font or color property that you want, you're better off making a new one one, rather than doubling up or using a variable for a use other than what it was defined for. Moving them around ends up with confusion and frustration for end-users in the wizard, as it means what the description says the color does doesn't end up being what it actually does.

fonts )
colors )
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I have a Flickr set available for anyone who wants to make use of the images as either color inspiration, or to use the textures, or whatever.

Choose Textures-Color, after you click on the image below. I'm having trouble getting a proper link to the set.

I have it set to a Creative Commons Attribution license, but really, I'm not picky. That is the only set that can be used.

example under cut )
Have a nice day.
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Please note: I ask because I am not much of an artist myself! I don't have the photoshop skills to translate most photos into a good header image. If anyone does, that's perfect, but I can't do much myself with "raw" photos.


This is a call to all artists! There is a new layout in the works which is optimized for header images (minimal other visuals and it can take two header images via the wizard). Alas, there are few really good banner type images available on the stock sites under suitable licenses.

In particular, I was hoping to get some skylines from various cities (like the set of Expressive skyline themes). Would anybody like to contribute some? Or, for that matter, any other header image?

The images must be licensed such that Dreamwidth can use and redistribute them. This is a liquid layout, so they should also be something that either repeats gracefully or, as in the case of skylines, ends gracefully, perhaps layered over a simple repeating background. See a repeating sample and a non-repeating, layered sample.

ETA: Additional specifications: I wouldn't want to go much over 300px in height. The journal/page titles should be taken into account. While there doesn't necessarily have to be completely open space for them, it does need a space in which a single text color would be readable over whatever the background texture is.
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I thought more than a few people might get some use out of these links/utilities.

For CSS3 styling, while it is a new set of tools that are coming down the Intertubes, it's also a good idea to keep up on the new technologies.

To that end:
CSS3.info is a blog built around exploring CSS3 and the cool things you can do with it.

One of the tricks to keep in mind - to keep your style sheet relevant after the CSS3 spec becomes standardized, is to include a vanilla declaration:

box-shadow: 4px 4px 2px #EAEBF5; padding: 2px 2px 2px 6px;
-moz-box-shadow:4px 4px 2px #EAEBF5; padding: 2px 2px 2px 6px;
-webkit-box-shadow:4px 4px 2px #EAEBF5; padding: 2px 2px 2px 6px;

Also, you can check out the Opera Developer site for their articles on CSS. They have a ton of great articles and ideas you can use. If you use Opera, don't forget to use the Dragonfly Debug tool. Something I didn't know: Opera supports Speech in their browser. Some links:

Visit XHTML Voice in Style using Opera, the page should talk to you. This is because of the specification in XHTML and CSS for VoiceXML, or Speech in web apps and pages. This is going to open up at least some of the Accessibility of pages. So far, Opera is the only one that supports this. You can find more information here:
Add Voice interactivity to your site,

Another way to make sure your layout/theme stands up to the standards is to use EM instead of PX for font-size. Using EM ensures that the text will look correct no matter what size the user's monitor or resolution. It will scale well, in other words. There are several tools on the web to help out in this, but I'll include two:

Aloe Studios EM Chart, a downloadable tool you can use offline and in any web browser.

PXtoEM.com, a popular site that not only will help you get your conversion, generate the CSS code you need, but also help you learn along the way.

There are more, and maybe I'll add them in in the future. If anybody else has resources of their own they'd like to add, please do so.

Friendly Neighborhood Tester
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If you want to make a color theme for Funky Circles, here's a link where you can download my .PSD file:


By downloading this file you agree to abide by the terms of use included in the file.

Comment if you have any questions.
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I figure there might be others like me out there who have artistic skills but limited coding know-how, or vice-versa; at [personal profile] afuna's suggestion, I thought I'd start a thread here to help folks find somebody to partner with for the creation of Dreamwidth themes.

I have a few designs done already and just need someone who can code them. If anyone's up for it, please comment or send me a PM. If anyone else out there is looking for a designer or a coder to partner with, please also post a comment and hopefully we'll be able to hook some folks up. w00t!
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This post is for people who want to work on converting layouts, either their own or other people's.

Basic Terms

If you are not familiar with S2 coding or the making and use of layers, please read these faqs first. Parts of them will not quite fit. The links go to LJ documentation because our Documentation Team is still in the process of documenting the S2 system here (and they are doing a fantastic job and everyone should thank them).

Layer vocabulary

Different layer types

Creating a custom layer

For those who are unfamiliar with S2, it may be easiest to learn this if you copy all of the code of the Tabula Rasa layer and paste it into a theme layer you create. Make sure the theme layer is a child of Tabula Rasa. Name it something memorable and select it as your journal theme when you want to experiment.

Onward )


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