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Theme name/layout: Abstractia
Author: [personal profile] chiming
Layout info: Info / Source Code / Live Preview
Image info: Made by me in Photoshop! And I have signed a CLA.
Additional info (for layouts): I overwrote the entire Tabula Rasa stylesheet so when it says "Use layout stylesheets", it just means mine. Supports one-column, two-columns (right and left), and three-columns (right, left, and sides). Modules are completely movable, although the default setup is two-columns-right with Powered by / Page loaded in #tertiary, which then loads as if it were a footer at the bottom. In three column views, #tertiary loads normally and these items will appear just fine off to the side. Layout is liquid, though it looks best at 900px wide and up. (A little bigger if using a three-column layout.)

Oh and just for clarity's sake, the theme doesn't do anything to text-transform; the lower and uppercase in my journal's title were my own manual doing.

Tested in Firefox/Opera/Safari/Chrome and also IE6-9 (it doesn't work very well in IE6 but all the others are fine) and the only CSS3 has a fallback.

Available themes (light on dark):
Abyss (blue) - Preview | Burnished (gold) - Preview | Dark Carnival (pink) - Preview | Midnight (black & white) - Preview | Ocean Floor (green) - Preview | Pulse (red) - Preview | Radioactive (forest green) - Preview | Toxic (purple) - Preview
Available themes (dark on light):
Au Lait (cream) - Preview | NEW: Sky (blue) - Preview

Custom comment page view (in Abyss).

Planned themes: purple, spring-green-ish Done!

ETA: Bug report aka layout submitted, awaiting review and hopefully commitment!


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