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As many of you know, we offer a bounty of DW points for themes and styles! This has worked nicely as a way to reward people for their work in creating themes and styles both. Unfortunately (from our business standpoint), since people tend to make themes in huge batches, it also results in a large liability to us in terms of outstanding points -- we're giving away thousands of points at a time with some pushes, and accountants get nervous about things like having that much in the way of unredeemed obligations kicking about.

So, starting 1 July, we're (regretfully) going to be capping the number of points you can receive through themes bounties to 510 points per calendar year -- that's 17 themes worth, and it's a slightly odd number to reflect that it's the closest multiple of 30 points past 500, which is the cost of 1 year of premium paid time. (We may adjust this upward a bit in the future if too many people hit it too often, but it seemed like a good number to start with.)

This will be partially retroactive -- you'll get the points for any themes you've submitted up to 1 July, even if you've gotten more than the 510 points for the year, but after 1 July, points you've already earned this year will be counted against the total.

This doesn't mean we don't appreciate all the people who make tons and tons of themes! And I really hope people won't find this discouraging. We just need to limit the amount of free-floating points that are out there to limit our exposure, and after thinking about it a while, we figured this would be the best way to do it.
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So there are lots of nice pre-defined variables in core2 for us to use in coding themes, but you kind of have to dig into the core2 code (or see what other people have done) to find what's available. I figured I'd pull out the font and color ones (which I think are what come up the most for just-CSS styling) so they'd be a little more accessible.

Keep in mind that if there isn't a specific font or color property that you want, you're better off making a new one one, rather than doubling up or using a variable for a use other than what it was defined for. Moving them around ends up with confusion and frustration for end-users in the wizard, as it means what the description says the color does doesn't end up being what it actually does.

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Hello, fabulous creative people!

As many of you know, we have a "bounty" on submitted themes and styles, offering Dreamwidth points for themes/styles that get accepted and committed as system styles for others to use. Right now, the bounty is the same for both themes and styles: 60 points (2 months of paid time) for each.

[personal profile] fu and I have been mulling this over for a while, and we've realized that this isn't exactly comparable -- someone who makes a style should get more of a bounty than someone who makes a color theme, since the former takes a lot more time and effort. So, starting August 1, the bounty on themes and styles will be:

30 points for every theme
90 points for every style

The bounty for styles will be increasing immediately, and will affect any style committed from now on, no matter when it was submitted. Any theme submitted to [site community profile] dreamscapes before August 1 (just submitted; it doesn't have to be converted or committed to the codebase) will get the old bounty; any theme submitted after August 1 will get the new bounty.

I know this might seem like we're penalizing theme makers -- that isn't what we intend at all! Most people seem to be making themes in batches, though, and we don't want the points tally to get too huge -- that can start to affect our revenue. At the same time, we want to keep offering a token of our appreciation for people who help to expand our theme offerings as well as the people who are creating new system styles. So I think this is a good balance between the two options.

Thank you all for the awesome themes you've been submitting, btw. It makes me so excited that nearly every code tour has a ton of new pretty things for people to look at and use!
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Dear designers, if you've changed your username and this is what's used to credit you, please don't forget to mention it so that files can be updated. Although redirects work in journals, they don't on Customize.
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This post is for people who want to work on converting layouts, either their own or other people's.

Basic Terms

If you are not familiar with S2 coding or the making and use of layers, please read these faqs first. Parts of them will not quite fit. The links go to LJ documentation because our Documentation Team is still in the process of documenting the S2 system here (and they are doing a fantastic job and everyone should thank them).

Layer vocabulary

Different layer types

Creating a custom layer

For those who are unfamiliar with S2, it may be easiest to learn this if you copy all of the code of the Tabula Rasa layer and paste it into a theme layer you create. Make sure the theme layer is a child of Tabula Rasa. Name it something memorable and select it as your journal theme when you want to experiment.

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