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Theme name/layout: Paper Me
Author: [personal profile] cimorene
Layout info: layer source | preview of the theme I was thinking would be the default (Silverquin; image from colourlovers - see below)
Image info: All themes use images in the public domain. They are grouped by source website below to hopefully make processing easier. Each theme layer also contains a direct link to the image source.
Additional info (for layouts): The layout disables custom comment pages by default and supports only the two-column right orientation. The modules can be re-ordered but not moved out of the sidebar. However, moving the other modules into the top section with the profile module will make them look funny as it is formatted bigger. Colors, fonts, and images are fully customizable via the wizard.

NOTE: I've tried to organize this post to make it more manageable, but there's so many in here that I may have forgotten something, so if I need to do it over again, go ahead and tell me!

Images from & )
Themes using images from )
Patterns I created myself )
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I have a layout layer that's almost ready to submit, but I need some help with the browser testing.

I have ensured that it functions down to 800x600 and up to 20px text in Opera 10 and Firefox 3 on Linux, and in IE7 on Windows running in VirtualBox. So, obviously, the most important gap is Safari, but it'd be nice if someone could test IE on a genuine Windows machine!

Layout Name: Paper Me
Layout info:
Theme preview of Silverquin (since you can't insta-preview the layout layer alone, I am informed):

Now, this layout also has *cough* 28 themes (I know, I know, but it's taken me a while to convert it to S2). These themes shouldn't function differently from each other, because they consist only of information that can be customized in the wizard anyway: a colorscheme, background images, and font sizes/faces. However, they can be checked for accidental invisible color combinations now. (I apologize in advance if any of the links are wrong. There's a certain amount of danger inherent in this amount of rote copy-pasta.)

theme links )

There is one more thing! For some of the themes, I wanted to link to more than one resource, but couldn't figure out how to make more than one show up... anyone?


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