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Theme name/layout: Venture / Radiant Aqua

Author: [personal profile] onlyembers

Venture (Layout Layer): Info | Source | Highlighted Source

Radiant Aqua (Default Theme): Info | Source | Highlighted Source | Preview

Additional info (for layouts): One transparent striped png in the theme; it's mine, so no usage concerns. User layout stylesheet is enabled, all column types supported. Right now I have the modules in single-column mode default to a 'display: inline-block' with their width looped into the display preferences. Feedback is welcomed; I was torn between this and stretching them across the full column. Is there a big single-col userbase that has a preference one way or another? I also added in a header navigation module that works independent of the sidebar one.


Needs Testing In:

- Browsers, possibly? I've run it through all the up to date versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc, plus IE8+ on up. From what I could see via an emulator, IE7 also looks all right, but I didn't want to spent a huge amount of time digging around until I got word on how far backwards compatibile things needed to be.

- The front-end UI? Again, I've checked everything over, but it's totally possible I've missed things a user might spot from the customization wizard.

- General testing. Pretty much just to be put through the paces! I've reached a point at which no more staring at the code will make it better without some input and a fresh set of eyes to tell me what I've inevitably missed/hosed up/etc.

Only the one theme, until the layout layer gets any kinks worked out. Extra comment flavor until it's ready for submission/patching. Have at it? :D


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