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So, there was some discussion in the comments of the latest [site community profile] dw_news post, and in the #dw-dev channel, about implementing a simple base color theme across ALL layouts we have (and all ones we will have in the future, theoretically). Me being me, I offered to give it a go myself. I did a quick mock-up on TR last night, and ported it across a few layouts to start. I'd really like to know how useable they are for other people, as it's designed to be a simple style for seeing the basic layout of each style without having to try and compare across colors as well (ie, looking at Bases in a purple theme, and Five AM in a pink one, and trying to see the underlying structure). And I am a test case of one, so *g*

Goals with this:
-make the underlying structure of a style easily apparent
-mimic the most commonly used scheming for a style (ie, all the themes for style A use colored title backgrounds, while most of the themes for style B don't)
-be accessible for the greatest number of users
-be nice enough that someone might want to actually use it as a theme *g*

So far I've just been doing stuff on the Recent Entries page, and I know I'm missing comment-styling, but these are drafts.

Tabula Rasa
Basic Boxes
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Theme name/layout: Call and Response
Author: carene_waterman
Layout info: Layout layer code
Image info: RSS icon, free, link to source in code
Additional info (for layouts): Flexible, fluid, elastic responsive design. See below for more details.

Call and Response is my first layout, and I'm looking for feedback/testing/bug reports on the layout itself. I have only tested it so far in Firefox, and I know it won't work right now in IE7.

I have several themes built already, and I'll link to a few here to aid you in seeing how the layout works. Also, as of now and for a few days, [personal profile] carene_waterman is a live preview of the Raw Sugar theme as a work in progress for this layout.

Call and Response is an elastic/fluid responsive design remix of Tabula Rasa. Explaining what that means is a bit complicated, but I can't ask you to look it over if you don't know what you're looking at.Read more... )
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I finished the layout set I was working on (although I never did fix that problem with the #content layer going all the way down, I apologize to anyone with OCD) and it needs to be tested!

The layouts are over here.

Thanks so much for any and all feedback. :)
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I'm having an annoying little problem with a layout I'm working on for Bases. The problem is that the #content layer does not go down as long as it needs to, making the #primary layer longer and borking up the whole layout!

I've left one of the finished layouts on a side account here. As you can see, entries will cover up the nice bottom border I have set up and generally look sloppy in the process.

Any ideas?
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Name: Collapsed / Purple and Grey
Author: Cesy
Layout ID: Style / Source / Preview

It's the one I'm currently using, anyway, and I think it's fairly different from some of the other public ones, particularly with the collapsed reading page.

Can anyone help me turn it into something that can go into Bugzilla, please?


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