Aug. 23rd, 2009 08:28 pm
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Theme name/layout: EasyRead / Tabula Rasa
Author: [personal profile] rb
Layout info: CSS is available at http://notdoneliving.net/dw-easyread.css
Image info: Has no images

You can see this layout being used at my journal [personal profile] rb.

This very plain/simple layout is optimised for users who have low vision and use very large font sizes (think >36 pt, I usually use 128pt fonts) when reading long slabs of text. As you can imagine, most styles totally fail to be usable at these huge font sizes.

I have no knowledge of S2 or how to convert this theme into a "proper" DW style, and no spare energy/spoons/brain cells to learn how. [personal profile] afuna said to post it anyway and somebody else may do the converting for me so here you are! If anybody'd like to volunteer to help, please please please feel free :)

I set this up by choosing Tabula Rasa with no sidebars and pointing the CSS at the file above, I don't think there was anything else? I'd really like the stuff in .module-section-one to come out *above* the main content but I don't think this can be done with just CSS, I need the HTML output to be in a different order - hence the need (I think) for a patch.

Please somebody let me know if I have totally screwed this up! As you can see, I'm rather short on confidence here.



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