Oct. 10th, 2010 04:14 pm
mmmag: Pink clouds with the word dream in the foreground. (Misc: dream)
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Layout: Koi
Layout info: layout layer | live | preview
Images info: Located at imgur, because photobucket resizes large images. Bummer.

OMG! Yay, it's done! Needs lots of testing.

If you have any suggestions as to some of the wording in the customization wizard or on anything, really, please let me know. This is my first time doing a layout like this and I'm open to anything.

I'll print and send my CLA some time this week.
mmmag: Pink clouds with the word dream in the foreground. (Misc: dream)
[personal profile] mmmag
Theme name/layout: Koi | Transmogrified
Author: By N.Design for Wordpress
Layout info: layout layer | Preview
Image info: They are not my own, they are part of the layout I ported.
Additional info (for layouts): This is a DW version of Koi by N.Design. The theme is licensed under GPL, which means that it can be remixed/converted/translated/etc for personal and commercial use as long as the footer remains intact. As such, the credits are hard coded to the layout.

[personal profile] foxfirefey originally linked to this layout in a comment. I really liked it and decided to give it a try in porting it over. And here we are, phase one. I used Transmogrified as a base for the layout. I think it will be easy to customize using the customization wizard. The only thing I have a concern over is that it has a fixed width. The width of the images prevents the layout from being fluid. The userpics are small, yes. However, when you hover over them they grow to their full size, like magic.

Also, I tried using function print_stylesheet () to embed the CSS, but it wouldn't show up. Something about suspicious CSS *gives side eye*. So, let me know what you think. Specially since I haven't tested it at all.


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