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Pre-push Stats

Posting these in advance because I'll be busy during the push. Also there are lots of things to look forward to. ^_^


Note: links edited!

-- It's all about them for once because there are *six* new styles: Leftovers, Lefty, Motion, Patsy, Planet Caravan and Tectonic. All thanks to Momiji's admirable dedication! *bows*
-- That's 51 live out of 58. A few others are being worked on or have been patched already so there's more to come. :)

-- The new styles come with only 15 themes for now, but there are also 4 new themes for Bases, 5 for Blanket, 6 for Ciel, 3 for Crisped, 18 for For the Bold, 1 for Marginless, 2 for Modish and 2 for Nouveau Oleanders.
-- That's 56 new themes, for a total of 1,272 live themes out of 1,459.


Pie chart representing our progress on patching submitted styles. Total live is 51 (88%); total patched is 1 (2%); total claimed is 4 (7%); total unclaimed is 2 (3%).


Pie chart representing our progress on patching submitted themes. Total live is 1,272 (87%); total patched is 14 (1%); total claimed is 64 (4%); total unclaimed is 109 (7%).
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[personal profile] turlough 2013-04-20 04:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Psst, all the new layout links lead back to this entry so I suspect you forgot to add the URLs.
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I think it might also be that I didn't read the beginning of the entry carefully enough. I was so focused on the new style links I didn't notice the cautionary note at all.
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I am SO EXCITED about this code push