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Style: Summertime/Tabula Rasa

Edit: these are now live and can be selected from Customize Style. Original layers and pics are no longer available.

Style: Summertime
Author: [personal profile] ninetydegrees
Images info:
-- background texture by Design Shard. Usage terms : "Free to use for commercial and non commercial work no credit or link back needed, but please don’t redistribute or sell them as your own."
-- icons by Romeo Barreto, John Caserta, Denis Chenu, Pedro Lalli, Marcus Michaels, P.J. Onori, Laurent Patain and Cor Tiemens from The Noun Project. All licensed under No Rights Reserved ( CC0 ) or Attribution ( CC BY 3.0 ).

Karting / Preview (shown in one-column-split mode with fewer modules)
Regatta / Preview (shown in three-columns-sides mode)
Swimming Pool / Preview (shown in one-column mode with fewer modules)
Tennis Court / Preview (shown in two-columns-right mode)

This style ate my mind so there will be more themes once I grow a new brain. :)

Testing would be appreciated as well as feedback on one-column modes as I wasn't sure if putting modules in the below-header and above-footer areas was the right thing to do. I'm not sold on any of the names either so suggestions are welcome.
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[personal profile] baggyeyes 2012-08-14 11:57 am (UTC)(link)
Just a heads up - your link for the layout layer isn't public.
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For a name, how about Summertime?

I'm testing this now, btw.
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[personal profile] branchandroot 2012-08-14 04:34 pm (UTC)(link)
These look nice! (Firefox 14 on Mac 10.7)

I think the modules below-header, in one column, will work reasonably well? I really doubt anyone will put anything hugely long there. I'd be happier with it if we had the wai-aria roles in place for major page divisions, though, so screen readers could skip ahead to the content. I was also wondering whether some journal-owner-visible link to the effect of "go here to re-arrange your modules" would be useful, though, just to reinforce that these can be moved around and let people who haven't quite discovered the customize pages do so quickly.
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[personal profile] branchandroot 2012-08-15 01:54 am (UTC)(link)
I'd say, since there /is/ a site-wide bug for wai-aria, to not put anything into this style that might conflict. And I don't think you need to make this style reliant on that bug. But I think it'll be a big gain in usability for the one-column version this style when that bug is closed.
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Originally I wanted these sections to be opened and closed with a mouse click but that requites JS so I couldn't do it.

Since this will end up an official style, we COULD add in the needed JS, because official styles do not go through the cleaner.

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This is absolutely stunning and brilliant, and with some tweaking that I think I'm going to do for line-spacing, because it's a personal pet peeve of mine when metadata displays with paragraph breaks rather than line breaks, it's about to become a new absolute favourite.

Want: Dark theme a la Carting, with jeweltones for links and such, maybe blue for the buttons.
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[personal profile] rising 2012-08-15 03:03 am (UTC)(link)
I mean that, too-- but basically that... argh words. Um.

The line space between the individual lines of metadata, and the metadata and the tags, should only ever, in my not so humble opinion, amount to the amount of space generated by one

tag. It should look like they're lines that are part of the same paragraph, rather than having the blank lead space in between. If that makes sense. Of course, this is just me.

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[personal profile] baggyeyes 2012-08-15 12:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Metadata display are generated by ul/li tags. I get what you mean, though. I actually like the spacing, because it makes it easy to read. Everybody has their preferences. :)
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[personal profile] rising 2012-08-20 05:45 am (UTC)(link)
*nods.* Yeah. It's interesting to me, that what makes something easier for one person to read can make it difficult for another and impossible for a third, you know? I mean, some people like low contrast, and some people need much higher or different contrasts, and I guess it's the same way for amounts of white space.
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[personal profile] katsuko 2012-08-15 02:06 pm (UTC)(link)
This is utterly lovely, but there's just one little thing:

When I go to compile the layout, I get an error reading "Compile error: line 29, column 1: Can't set non-existent property 'color_page_title_shadow'". Is this something that will need to be "turned on" so to say, or is it something that can just be ignored?
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That was the problem, I forgot a step! Thank you for helping so quickly.
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This is a great style! It's got just the right amount of detail so it looks sleek and fancy but neither too fussy nor too sterile.

The only thing I think I would like to change is to have drop shadows on the modules too in Regatta and Tennis Court. Since the entries and the header and footer all have them I keep expecting the "sidebars" to have them too.

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[personal profile] baggyeyes 2012-08-21 02:03 pm (UTC)(link)
I've tried compiling the layout layer with your new code and this error occurs:

As well, the code is incomplete; it ends at the Contextual Pop-ups section.

Is this just me and my crappy Internet access?

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[personal profile] baggyeyes 2012-09-05 11:15 pm (UTC)(link)
I've been testing this style for the last little while. The only issue I can see - which may or not be an issue - occurs when an entry makes use of 'pre', or has a very large image in the entry.

What happens is that the layout gets a long scroll bar along the bottom. Now, on desktop browsers, this may not be a problem, but on 7" tablets (portrait and landscape views) and on a iPod Touch/iPhone the whole layout shrinks to accommodate the long text or large image. I'm guessing the issue would be the same in another Smartphone?

I used two pieces of CSS to deal with the over-sized entries;

It could be that this is a layout that is optimized for desktop only.

Otherwise, long comment threads didn't become unreadable. And the entire layout/theme stayed readable, regardless what screen size I had.

I used Opera 12.01 (Mac), Safari 6.0 (Mac), Firefox 14 (Mac) Firefox 12 (Fedora Linux) Firefox 15 (Android 2.3.4, Kobo Vox 7" tablet) A version of Safari (No idea which one) on an iPod touch IOS, and iPhone 4. (It helps to know people with gadgets!)
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These are just spectacular!! I'm going to HAVE to try them. I hope I don't mess up too back. You are amazingly creative. Some of the best I've seen on DW.

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