ninetydegrees: Drawing: girl peeking through blinds (peeking)
Ninety Degrees (90d) ­čî╗ ([personal profile] ninetydegrees) wrote in [site community profile] dreamscapes2012-04-01 07:02 pm

Database: version 3

Edit: these are now live and can be selected from Customize Style. Original layers and pics are no longer available.

I've made a lot of tweaks since the last version so I'm putting this up for a last round of testing. If you spot any display issue tell me, please. There are a couple of issues I know about but I've probably missed other things.

Please note that this uses an open source font embedded via Google fonts. It can make the page load more slowly. Also you won't see it if you've blocked Google scripts via NoScript or similar extensions.


Blue | Preview
Gray | Preview
Green | Preview
Purple | Preview
Red | Preview
Teal | Preview

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