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It's been what, forever since we submitted some stuff here? So, four new themes and possibly another entry to come later this evening. 3 for Patsy, 1 for Leftovers. Both new colour schemes and recycled ones.


Theme name/layout: Elegant Brown / Leftovers
Info: Info · Source · Preview

Theme name/layout: Evening / Patsy
Info: Info · Source · Preview

Theme name/layout: Hollow Silence / Patsy
Info: Info · Source · Preview

Theme name/layout: Today I'm Happy / Patsy
Info: Info · Source · Preview
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I've just sent the signed/scanned copy of CLA to the e-mail address stated :)

And before adding the layouts, I need to make some things clear that I will not be able to 'work' on the stylesheets as mush as I was able to before, because I'll have limited time to spend on computer. I also tried to 'fix' the stylesheets to make them meet with the requirements in the guidelines but alas, my CSS knowledge fails there :D I did 'fluid' layouts before, but I never thought converting px measurements into percentages would be hard! So my 'epic fail' was definitely re-creating the layouts using the percentages!

I tested all the layouts in Firefox 3.0, Opera 9.6 and Safari 3.0 with 1280x1024 and 1024x768 resolutions, on Mac.

I'm giving these layouts to you, to fix/tweak them if needed, as I'm not able to do it!

Layout: Blanket )

Layout: Brittle )

Layout: Leftovers )

Layout: Patsy )


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