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May. 20th, 2010 12:08 am
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Theme name/layout: "spot color" / INDEXED
Author: [personal profile] penemue ([personal profile] syntheid)
Layout info: Source / Preview
Image info: Three images, created by me for this layout.
Additional info (for layouts): It's a three-column layout with (currently) no options for two- or one-column versions, though all the modules should be able to be moved around from either sidebar. Looks better if you have the "tertiary" sidebar longer than the "secondary" sidebar, though.

Version two of my previous attempt that I'm (finally-- I'm so slow) ready to look into converting. Would anyone be able to help walk me through that? I keep getting kind of confused by the process, but I'd like to know how to do it myself, if possible, so I can do it in the future.

Hopefully I'm submitting this correctly.
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Theme name/layout: INDEXED / Tabula Rasa
Author: [personal profile] syntheid
Layout info: "Spot Color" theme WIP preview.


Image info: Layout currently only uses small bullets that I made, everything else is just CSS.

I'd like suggestions on things to do with the navlinks? I'm not real happy with how they are now, since I have them at fixed width and at small resolutions (namely, 800x600), they'll overlap with the pagetitle text (Recent Entries/Reading/etc. on the right), and for navigation reasons I like keeping the pagetitle visible. Or does this seem like not a problem? Someone also suggested putting separators in between the menu items, but that would make the text even longer.

Also anything else you can think of in particular that might be a problem? Like if there are obvious ways to eliminate the bits of non-fluid code I still have. Still working on eliminating duplicate/messy code in the CSS, but hopefully this is a bit more readable than my first draft.


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