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I decided that with all the everything, Bases could still use a little love. :D

There is… something, broken with these, with the way that the reply box displays if you're already on the entry. However, that's something that's broken with Bases in general and I don't know quite what it is or how to fix it without a metric ****-tonne of custom CSS. <— Momiji and I figured out what it was, over IRC, and it shouldn't actually affect these themes, therefore they're good to go if you just keep that in mind if you do decide to test them.

Theme name/layout: Apple Green/Bases
Info: Info · Source · Preview

Theme name/layout: Bright Purple/Bases
Info: Info · Source · Preview

Theme name/layout: Enamel Teapot/Bases
Info: Info · Source · Preview

Theme name/layout: One Man's Soul/Bases
Info: Info · Source · Preview
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Three Four additional themes.

Theme: Eager // Bases
Info: Info // Source // Preview

Theme: Pressed Flowers // Bases
Info: Info // Source // Preview

Theme: Pressed Flowers // Brittle
Info: Info // Source // Preview

Theme: Stardust // Bases
Info: Info // Source // Preview

Two: Bases

May. 27th, 2011 12:35 pm
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Theme: Distant Time // Bases
Info: Info // Source // Preview

Theme: They Corrupt // Bases
Info: Info // Source // Preview
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So here are two more that I just put together. And none of the problem the first two had!

Theme: Sunset Thoughts // Bases
Info: Info // Source // Preview

Theme: Mnemonic // Bases
Info: Info // Source // Preview

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Thank you to the lovely [personal profile] foxfirefey for the help in getting the bit of custom CSS that I needed to make Bases behave for me. And so, without further ado, I present ...

Theme: Pebble Dark // Bases
Info: Info // Source // Preview

Theme: Rocket // Bases
Info: Info // Source // Preview


ETA: Problem that I'd found with Pebble Dark has now been fixed.
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This is, in some ways, a proof of concept for something I suspected was true but wanted to find out for sure. I made a color theme for every current official style to match this year's NaNoWriMo webbadges. Once I worked out the basic color scheme, I was able to port to most system styles with minimal adjustment. A couple of branchandroot's styles call the color of an element from a non-standard place (e.g., the footer link in Stepping Stones gets it color from the pagetitle), a few I adjusted for minor aesthetic reasons (usually adjacent blocks of the same color making an odd shape), and I did Transmogrified completely differently because the alternating entry colors can be controlled via the wizard.

They are, at the moment, all named NNWM 2009, but that might be confusing. If I could get comments on that as well, I'd appreciate it.

the themes )

2 Themes

Oct. 6th, 2009 07:37 pm
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Hi again! Just themes this time (:

Theme name: Steele & Beechy For Bases.
Author: [personal profile] malionette
Layout info: Steele | Beechy
Image info: Beechy has one image: bg

Live previews are up! See Steele and Beechy?

edit k got rid of patches
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Theme name/layout: Bases / Light on Dark
Author: [personal profile] cesy
Layout info: http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/advanced/layersource?id=77277
Image info: None
Preview: http://cesy.dreamwidth.org/?s2id=90493

I can't find a setting for the subtitle text colour or the page title background colour. Any ideas? This currently means that both the journal subtitle and "Recent Entries"/"Tags"/whatever are invisible. Fixed.
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Theme name/layout: Bases - Sun and Sand
Author: [personal profile] twtd
Layout info: http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/advanced/layersource?id=76773
Image info: 1, by me

I don't have internet explorer, so I'd love for someone to check it out there and make sure nothing weird is going on.
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Theme name/layout: Bases - Strawberry Sundae
Author: [personal profile] sky
Layout info: http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/advanced/layersource?id=76804
Image info: None

I'm not a coder or anything, but since the general public's been invited to submit color themes, I did this with the help of [personal profile] zvi's amazing tutorial. Let me know if there are any problems.
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Theme name/layout: Bases in Tabula Rasa
Author: Malionette
Layout info: see the layer?
Image info: no img

I've finished converting into em and variables. (:

Note: The footer is disabled and this layout only functions in two-columns-right and one-column.
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Tested in Safari 3.2, Firefox 3, IE7 (emulator), IE8, Opera 9, Chrome

Theme name/layout: Bases / Tabula Rasa
Author: Malionette
Layout info: http://malionette.org/dw/randomcss/bases/ (pretty much the style kit + css)
Image info: no imgs

1. Help - I can't seem to get the CSS working in IE7 for three columns right. The third sidebar is just overlapping the second. See here in IE7? I'd appreciate any help. Solved (:

2. Patch - I saw that you could get patches to fix HTML to your own liking? May I request one for TR that makes the navigation bar appear in an unordered list right under the header- inside header inner and right after subtitle. Thanks. (: Solved (:


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