Jun. 29th, 2015

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We have an art resources thread containing user-submitted art and photographs for people to use when designing system styles or layouts. The last news post had someone asking for more styles/themes with art, so I thought I'd remind people!

(What I'd really love is for someone to go through that art resources thread and pick out some really nice photographs and use those as header images, with the rest of the theme designed to enhance/go with the colors used in the photograph.)
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...Yeah, we really do need to do these more often *g* Though the file with the fancy pie charts already set up got lost in the cloud, so at least I have an excuse?

Numbers and graphs! )

Non-stats notes: We've made some bugfixes to a few layouts and themes - anything users will see is announced in [community profile] style_system. We have also not forgotten about old submissions, nor that we owe some people bounty points now that we've made a lot of stuff live!


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