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Ninety Degrees (90d) ­čî╗ ([personal profile] ninetydegrees) wrote in [site community profile] dreamscapes2012-08-31 08:21 pm

Style: Fantaisie/Tabula Rasa

Edit: these are now live and can be selected from Customize Style. Original layers and pics are no longer available.

Style: Fantaisie
Author: [personal profile] ninetydegrees
Images info:
-- original graphics by Pehaa. Usage terms : "Free for both personal and commercial use. If you host them, please link this site."
-- fonts by from Google Fonts, licensed respectively under SIL Open Font License 1.1 and Apache License 2.0.

Early Morning / Preview (shown in three-columns-sides mode)
Guilty Pleasure / Preview (shown in two-columns-right mode)
Nostalgia / Preview (shown in one-column-split mode w/ fewer modules)
Pink Explosion / Preview (shown in two-columns-left mode)
Unrelenting Routine / Preview (shown in two-columns-right mode)
Warm Welcome / Preview (shown in one-column mode w/ fewer modules)

I plan on making themes with other graphics from the brilliant Pehaa but working with vectors is time-consuming for me so...

Testing would be appreciated as usual! I suspect this won't play nice with small screen resolutions.

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