Dec. 26th, 2011

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[personal profile] rising and I, and the rest of #dreamwidth, were talking tonight in irc, and we realized: a few people have mentioned that we're low on holiday and other seasonal themes! So we thought we should put out the open call to people for both holiday-specific and generally-seasonal themes.

This can include both secular and religious holidays (yes, it's okay to make Christmas themes, or Easter, or Hanukkah, or Passover, or Diwali, or Kwanzaa, or Buddha's birthday, or Samhain, or themes for holidays I'm not even thinking of at the moment because it's 7AM and my brain is fried -- the wider the variety of faiths we have represented, the happier I will be), or general seasonal concepts like "harvest" or "winter" or "summer vacation". It can also include country-specific national or cultural holidays, like the US's Fourth of July or the UK's Guy Fawkes Day -- and, same as with the religious holidays, the more different countries' national holidays are represented, the better! (Quick side note, though: if you are doing a religious holiday, cultural holiday, or national holiday theme for a religion, culture, or nation that you don't count as part of your identity, please do try to have it checked over by someone who identifies with that religion/culture/nationality to check that there are no cultural faux pas present.)

Holiday themes don't have to be for holidays that are just coming up, either -- ideally we will be able to build a stable of year-round holiday themes, and maybe even code something that will automatically feature the holiday-related themes as the holiday is approaching? (although that could be hard with "floating" holidays.)

Holiday themes can be posted to [site community profile] dreamscapes as usual, can be for any style, and should include the name of the holiday in the name of the theme (or something referencing the general seasonal concept).

If you can think of an idea for a holiday theme, but you don't want to make the theme yourself, comment with information about the holiday and what kind of things you think a theme for that holiday should include. Designers, check the comments for inspiration. :)


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